5 Signs Your Concrete Might Need Mudjacking

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Concrete remains the most popular building material and is used for numerous applications in construction. But it’s not infallible. Throughout Kansas City, mudjacking can be used to repair or correct concrete surfaces or roadways.

Repairing concrete structures or surfaces may be costly, but mudjacking solves these problems. It’s a repair method that lifts slabs from sidewalks, roads, driveways, and other concrete-built surfaces.

There are signs to look out for to see if your concrete should be mudjacked.

Cracking and Uneven Concrete

Like many building materials, concrete expands and contracts with temperature. As the weather changes, your concrete driveway or sidewalk will develop cracks and unevenness. Weather changes often happen in Kansas City. Mudjacking can correct the unevenness, repair the cracking, and ensure the integrity of your concrete.

Sinking Slabs

Sidewalks and pavements are often built through concrete slabs. But with continued use, the slabs can begin to sink. The ground beneath the slabs may also shift due to changes in humidity. If you have a smooth walkway, it’s even easier to spot where the slabs are sinking. This can also be corrected easily by mudjacking.

Shifting Soil and Puddles

The soil around your slabs affects their quality as well. When floods, riversides, or land areas start running over with water, the soil shifts, and so do the concrete slabs. But for locations in Kansas City, mudjacking can correct the slabs and the loose soil. It provides a solid foundation that prevents the slabs from slipping or shifting again.

Levels are Uneven

For example, your driveway and garage are made with concrete slabs. You start to notice that the garage is no longer even, as though one side is higher than the other. It may result in tripping or bumps as you park. This is the time that you mudjack to make the driveway level again.

Mudjacking can be a very cost-efficient method to correct your concrete paving. When handled by a professional, it should be done quickly and efficiently, with long-lasting effects.

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