Boss Mudjacking – KC’s Mudjacking & Concrete Raising Company Based In Lenexa, KS

Boss Mudjacking is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Kansas City area for over 40 years. Our success is based on taking the time to do the work right and providing excellent quality at a fair price and back every job with a 5-year transferable warranty.

Our reputation for quality and value has made Boss the leading mudjacking company in the Kansas City Metro and the choice for real estate agencies, commercial property managers and investors.

What Is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is simply the process of raising and lifting concrete – the process of raising a driveway/sidewalk/patio by pumping “mud” (aka a mixture of concrete and soil) underneath the concrete slab to be lifted. You may not know you need mudjacking or driveway repair, but chances are you probably do.

Examine the concrete that touches your home’s foundation. If you see hairline cracks, shifting in concrete, uneven concrete slabs, gaps between ground and concrete – sometimes visually apparent, sometimes not – you are likely a candidate for mudjacking services, affordable driveway repairn or sidwalk repair in Kansas City.

After a concrete slab has cracked or settled, mudjacking can be used to return it to its original elevation. Here’s how it works: Small holes are drilled in the concrete, and then mud is injected at high pressure to fill the voids beneath the slab, pushing it up from below. The pressure ensures the soil underneath the concrete is compact, which helps prevent further settling. After the voids are filled, additional mud can be injected to raise the concrete slab until it is level again. The holes are then patched to complete the repair. Mudjacking can be used to raise most exterior slabs, as well as indoor slabs such as garage floors.

About 80% of concrete needs to be mudjacked – especially in homes 20 years and newer, surprisingly, because builders typically don’t push the dirt close enough to the foundation. They pour concrete right away and it never has time to settle, so the driveway is held up on loose dirt and rebarb. Almost all mudjacking is needed within 3-5 feet from a home’s foundation because that’s where the voids exist. You need to grade around your foundation every few years!

Mudjacking is affordable driveway and concrete repair in Kansas City, but it’s seasonal: Remember that the temperature must be above 45 degrees for the mud to set right.


Mudjacking Saves You Money

Why do you need mudjacking? Because it can potentially save you thousands in the long run. Mudjacking today could prevent having to replace your entire driveway tomorrow or just a few years down the line, with a price tag of anywhere between $7,000-$20,000. Mudjacking offers affordable driveway repair in Kansas City, beginning at around $700-$800.

For driveways, sidewalks and patios, the mudjacking option is much more affordable than replacing the entire piece of concrete. The average mudjacking job is around $1,000, and most jobs range in price between $999 and $1499. Mudjacking for your garage floor may cost you more, between $2,500 and $3,000, but it’s still very affordable compared to replacing the entire garage floor.

Boss Mudjacking offers group rates and neighborhood discounts for similar jobs on two or more homes. It saves us money, time and resources working at multiple homes in close proximity at the same time, so we’ll pass the savings on to you and your neighbors. Just call us at 816-301-6261 to get a quote!