Experts Explain: Why did the driveway drop right in front of your garage?

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Seeing your driveway drop or sink right in front of the garage is a common problem for most homeowners. It happens to nearly all driveways, and the root cause is the physics involved in connecting the driveway to the garage itself.

The Problems

Erosion is typically the cause of this signature dip in driveways. A rebar beneath the driveway connects it to the garage itself. However, when a void begins to form in the sediment beneath the driveway, the support for the driveway goes along with it. The stress — the weight of the car and the people on it — that should’ve been evenly distributed is now focused on the rebar to the point that it eventually breaks, leading to the driveway drop, or sinking.

The void may be caused by the natural movement of the ground or poor construction. For example, instead of packing the gravel tightly, the gravel was packed loosely, which created a void over time. 

Meanwhile, water leaks are also another cause for the formation of the void beneath the driveway. Whether it’s due to rain and flooding or just the common reaction of the sediment to repeated water contact, the water would have flowed through any cracks and pool beneath the sideway, eroding the sediment, and creating the void.

The Solution

Driveway drop fixing is easier than you think. Contacting professional contractors will offer you numerous ways, though one of the most cost-efficient methods is mudjacking. Essentially, they can add sediment back into void areas and effectively “lift” the sunken areas of the driveway or create a solid support that will return it to the proper position.

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