How much weight can mudjacking lift?

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Mudjacking has been widely considered a fast, cost-efficient, and effective method to repair uneven concrete slabs. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

What is mudjacking? 

Mudjacking means applying filler below the surface of the concrete or the slabs to level it back into place effectively. It is a quick solution for leveling driveways and repairing sunken pavements. 

While it seems relatively straightforward, there are still questions to consider before you choose it as a solution to your sunken driveway or sidewalk. 

For example, is mudjacking functional, no matter the condition of the concrete? Just how much weight can mudjacking handle?

Weighty Matters

This is an essential question for property owners who:

  • Might have thicker than average concrete slabs and thus heavier concrete weights to lift, or;
  • Often extremely heavy equipment or machinery is carried over the concrete that mudjacking is meant to raise.

You have to consider what type of filler will be used, how much will be used, and what the conditions are surrounding the mudjacking process. 

The Measure of Mud

For example, mud or sediment used for mudjacking is roughly 100 lbs per cubic foot. It can lift anywhere between 6,000 to 14,000 pounds per square foot of concrete. This makes it a better option because polyjacking, which uses polyurethane foam, may be lighter at 2-4 pounds per cubic foot, but it won’t be able to lift as much weight reliably; it’s a much more temporary measure.

But the 6,000-14,000 lbs range can be relatively wide, so what can affect this maximum weight?

For example, your mudjacking specialist should ensure that 90% or all of the voids beneath the concrete can and should be filled. Not only would this provide more stability for the concrete, but it also ensures that the soil beneath the concrete is more solid and capable of holding up the concrete slab for longer-lasting results. Furthermore, your mudjacking specialist should use quality, strong equipment (grout mixers, pumps, and more) to provide even mud distribution and air circulation that prevents buildup or more air pockets from forming.
Choose quality providers who can give you the maximum results out of mudjacking. Call Boss Mudjacking and restore your sinking concrete to its best appearance.