How to Protect Your Driveway in the Winter 

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It’s crucial to protect your driveway as the temperatures start to drop. Cold weather, rain, sleet, and snow are the natural elements that can do the most damage to a concrete driveway or sidewalk during the winter season. To maintain the integrity of your concrete driveway and retain your property value this winter, try these great tips that all homeowners should know about.

  • Get the driveway cleaned early – Before the weather gets bad, start clearing your driveway of debris, twigs, and leaves. While doing this, check for cracks or unevenness. Anything that can absorb moisture should be removed.
  • Seal the driveway – Any lists on how to protect your driveway will be incomplete without this all-important step. Sealing your driveway with a protectant should be done every year at a minimum. Sealing it will help fill in any cracks or openings on the surface. But sometimes, even this may not be enough.
  • Check the position of the slabs and correct draining – If your driveway has sunk, there are voids in the sediment beneath. When rain and snow (which also melts into water) form around your property, the moisture will likely cause the slabs to move even further. Fix it before that happens. Mudjacking the driveway back to its position will be quick and efficient and make the ground beneath more solid.
  • Routinely shovel with care – Protect your driveway from further harm by regularly shoveling snow away. It keeps moisture from saturating the soil and the concrete. However, do so with care—you can damage your driveway if you carelessly use a heavy shovel. Instead, get an excellent plastic shovel and check the depth of the snow before shoveling.

Finally, the best care is long-term. Protect your driveway by taking care of it long before the worst of winter comes. Reseal your driveway every year or two, remove stains and oil spills, invest in good ice melts, and pay attention when issues in your driveway arrive.

By restoring or repairing unevenness, cracks, and other issues in your driveway before winter, you’ll be able to maintain the integrity of the concrete. Contact Boss Mudjacking to learn about your options.