Mudjacking vs. Concrete Replacement: What do you need?

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Some homeowners may ask: why do mudjacking instead of a concrete replacement? Wouldn’t fully replacing it be a better option? The answer comes down to the many reasons that concrete fails in the first place.

Why Repair?

Weather temperatures can cause the concrete to contract or expand, causing cracks. Water content in the ground can cause the soil to shift, causing unevenness in the slabs and may even move them around completely. Or too much water could be absorbed by the concrete, causing it to become brittle and crack around the edges.

It comes down to which option is the better method to address the problem.

Mudjacking refers to lifting the concrete slab and resolving its foundational issues. Concrete replacement refers to entirely replacing the slab and potentially the areas around it to keep everything level and smooth.

The Comparison

Cost Efficiency

By far, mudjacking is the more cost-efficient option: less labor, less time working through mudjacking, and less overall repair cost. Concrete replacement can cost at least twice the price of mudjacking and can take more labor to repair.


There is less environmental impact through mudjacking. It’s a cheaper and cleaner alternative to the production effects caused by concrete replacement.