Sinking concrete and pests: Why you should keep an eye out on your property.

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Even city dwellers are not exempt from rodents. The city has a large variety of rodents, and homeowners should be worried about them. These little critters are natural burrowers and are often blamed for sinking concrete. 

Mice, rats, voles, moles, ground squirrels, and gophers love to dwell under the concrete foundation in search of a safe place away from potential predators. One or two tunnels may be unnoticed and may not cause damage. However, due to the creatures’ ability to reproduce quickly, these tunnels can multiply exponentially, deteriorating your concrete slabs over time. 

How can animals, pests, and rodents cause sunken concrete?  

Critters digging around your property can cause soil erosion and drainage issues. By creating burrows, these creatures can destroy the compact soil underneath your property, which is necessary for any concrete structure. Destroying the compacted base of the structure could compromise the concrete’s strength and tension, leading to cracks and eventually sinking concrete. 

Older concrete slabs are susceptible to damage by some of these critters, as the creatures have strong jaws that could destroy your aging concrete by chewing on them. This could expose the less dense core of the slab and ultimately collapse the concrete. 

How do you prevent your concrete from sinking?  

A great solution to this problem is mudjacking. Through mudjacking, you can fill in the void created underneath your concrete while effectively removing the burrows of the pests. 

Ensuring you are on top of any pest situation in your area is also a great way to prevent your concrete from sinking. You can do this by checking around your property for any signs of infestation, such as mounds or holes in the foundation, walkway, or slab. Unusual pooling of water can also be a sign of unseen rodent damage. 

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