What is Mudjacking?

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Kansas City mudjacking has rapidly become more prevalent on a consumer services level, as it has proven to be a cost-effective solution for repairing pavement, outdoor surfaces, and other areas around the exterior of a home. Even commercial buildings and areas that have concrete tiles or surfaces around them have benefited from using mudjacking to make quick and efficient repairs, especially after natural disasters.

But what is mudjacking?

Imagine that your building’s walkway is paved with tiles or concrete slabs. With time and the movement of the sediment beneath it, the slabs may lose alignment, or one may elevate more than the other, becoming uneven. In previous years, most people’s solution is to rip up the whole surface, the slabs, or the pavement, and re-pave everything. It can be extremely costly, depending on how much pavement needs to be removed.

But mudjacking is a means to repair these issues, doing so at less cost. Mudjacking requires workers to pump material beneath the slabs or concrete paving that have sunk into the ground. This lifts the uneven slab and corrects its position. It is like how someone might use a car jack to lift a vehicle for repairs.

Will it work for my property?

Mudjacking in Kansas City can be an ideal solution for any pavement or outdoor surface that uses concrete slabs. It can correct many issues, such as cracked sidewalks or paving, sunken outdoor spaces such as porches, patios, and pool decks, and it can even repair damaged driveways. For commercial spaces, it’s a cost-efficient method of correcting uneven surfaces in sagging parking lots.

It’s considered the least expensive form of concrete repair. However, it’s still crucial that you or your business hire professionals that understand how to best perform the process. This ensures that you get services that help repair your pavement long-term and with lasting, professional results.

Mudjacking is one of the many ways that a pavement can be repaired.