Why should you mudjack your KC sidewalk?

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Because they get so much foot traffic, KC sidewalks eventually give in to wear, tear, and movement, creating uneven concrete slabs or misalignments. Whether your property is commercial or residential, an uneven sidewalk could be the bane of your property’s “curb appeal” and might even bring down the market value.

An uneven, misaligned sidewalk would look unappealing, and it’s likely to cause difficulty for people walking on it. It may even lead to an injury suit if someone trips over a slab raised slightly over the other or if they fall into a sunken sidewalk on your commercial property.

But when repaving the entire sidewalk can be expensive for property owners, mudjacking becomes a cost-effective solution. For a KC sidewalk that seems to constantly experience moving slabs, displaced sediment, and other common paving issues, mudjacking is the solution.

  • Best for good-condition concrete. There’s no reason to rip up and replace your concrete slabs that are still in relatively good condition. It would be a waste of money otherwise. Mudjacking can use slurry to “lift” the uneven slabs and bring them back to the correct level.
  • Cost-efficient and fast. Commercial property owners want cost-effective and quick repairs, so their business has little interruption. Mudjacking can do just that—using mudjacking to repair a KC sidewalk can be much quicker than repaving the entire space. The process would be not only half the cost of the replacement but also half the time.
  • Lasting results. Using mudjacking can decrease the possibility of your sidewalk sinking again because the material has filled the void and stays in place. Furthermore, the drainage is improved in the area around your sidewalk. Because the gaps are filled with material, water won’t pool under your slabs, causing movement and displacing the slabs again.

When it comes to repairing and maintaining your KC sidewalk efficiently, mudjacking can be an incredibly accessible and effective method that saves you the most time and money.

Need a quick but effective fix to boost your property’s curb appeal or repair a sidewalk leading to your building? Contact Boss Mudjacking for repairs around Kansas City.